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Slate Weight: Reproduction grey slates have an average weight of Kg/M sq when fixed with the standard mm head lap. Ridge Weight: 20 Kg per metre run. 38x18mm TREATED SLATE LATH PER METRE general purpose rough treated sawn timber lath. A quality square section timber that can be used for a wide range of. Concrete Clay Slate Metal Lightweight Plastic Low Pitch Shingles Fibre Cement View All Roof Tiles & Slates Roof Area (m2) x Tiles per Square Metre. For. Colour, Grey ; Surface, Smooth ; Average weight per slate mm thick (kg), ; Average weight per slate mm thick (kg), ; *Slates per m ², Slate Coverage, Roof Pitch & Lap ; x , , , , ; x , , , ,

To obtain the number of roofing slates and fixing accessories required, multiply the developed roof area by the number of units per m. x Number of slates per. TECHNICAL DATA ; Covering Capacity (at mm gauge net), 16 Condron Slates per m2 approx ; Weight (approx) per 1, tiles, tonnes ; Batten size for rafters. How many slates per m2? ; x , , 63,9 ; x , , 72,5 ; x , , 90,6 ; x , 50, 54,3. I'm a general contractor and do some metal roofs. These guys are a great resource, and fast shipping with good pricing. Slate hooks are hard to find and. N° slates per m2 - headlap mm. 13,6. Ridges 75° 90° ° ° °. ✓. 5. 4 Limitations. Roof pitches 15°° and eaves-to-eaves distance less than 10 m. So, for example, you need Countess slates to cover a square metre - where the overlap is 75mm. Size of Slate. Size (inches). Size (cm). Coverage. Wide. Coverage (Per M): slate per m2. Length: mm. Product code: PQHBCO Thickness / Height: 7mm. Width: mm. Material Type: Natural Slate. Product. Widely known as some of the best, most high-quality roof slates in the world, Welsh roof slate prices run from around £2 per slate ex. vat up to £ per. At SSQ, our standard natural slates cost £22 per square metre, around £20 per square metre to install, and last 50 years – resulting in a total life-cycle cost. £ Price per Tonne: ££ Price per M2: ; £, £ ; Gold Line ; Coverage approximatley 7m² = 1 Tonne.

m of laid slate on roof depending on size and thickness. Prices are ex-works £ - £ per sq m. Follow Us: Facebook. Our products. Most popular. The amount of slates you need per square metre (m2) depends on which slate size you're using. For example, if you're using a 20×10 slate (mmxmm). slate but not as you know it! · Lightweight – as low as 12kg per square metre. · Easy to install with pre-marked nailing and exposure guides and spacers. · Easily. Coverage - Each pack contains 22 slates per bundle. Roof Pitch, Gauge, Slates per sq.m. 14* to degrees (boarded only), mm, to 25 degrees . It also allows you to determine the holing gauge (distance from hole to tail of slate) and the number of linear metres of batten per m2 of roof. The batten. For instance, in general, slate roof prices can range between £40 to £80 per square metre whereas imported slates will be less expensive than domestic slates. How many slates you need to cover your roof per square metre depends on the gauge and increments according to your roof pitch. Once that you have the first. number of slates required per square metre · tile batten gauge for slate · total linear run of tile batten in metres · holing gauge for holing slates. Colour, Dark Grey ; Surface, Smooth ; Average weight per slate mm thick (kg), ; Average weight per slate mm thick (kg), ; *Slates per m ²,

ECM - M Grey Slate With Enhancer. 12% OFF Unit price / per. Add to cart Sold out. Sale. STANDARD SIZES & WEIGHTS IN TONNES PER SLATES ; x ; x ; x ; x ; x Individual slate width: mm ; Slate panels per sqm: ; Steel base: m ; Weight as laid per sqm: 7kg ; Base coat: Acrylic Resin. Eco Slates coverage per m2 is dependent on the pitch of the roof e.g. above per m2, ° pitch = 19 per m2. Slates are mm x mm. Overlap: slates. How many Tapco per square metre? · 22 Slates per m² · 20 Slates per m² · 19 Slates per m² · 18 Slates per m² · 5 x 3 = 15 (meters squared) · 15 x 22 slates (number of.

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